OMS Annual Boys Town Picnic

We're looking forward to our annual Boys Town Picnic! The picnic is on Saturday, August 12th from Noon – 2 PM at the Boys Town Great Hall.

The club provides chicken, potato salad, and drinks. RSVP to let us know how much chicken to order! We ask members to bring a dessert, side dish, or chips to enhance our meal.  

Boys Town Great Hall

13747 Flanagan Blvd.
Boys Town, NE 68010

Each year we have a Magic Club Picnic for our members’ families and friends.

At the picnic, we host some of the young kids from Boys Town at their fabulous Great Hall.  (No need to worry about rain or excessive heat.)

We put on a show with some of our members performing for about 5 minutes each.  A stage and microphone will be provided.  We also will have some of us walking around demonstrating close-up magic as everyone arrives.  

This event is fun even if you don’t wish to perform.  The kids love it.  Here is a chance to try out a couple of your routines in this great setting.  

Don’t forget to RSVP!